CorActive offers rare-earth doped active fibers that are used for such applications as fiber lasers, optical amplifiers, and ASE sources.  CorActive active fibers are doped with Ytterbium ( Yb ), Erbium ( Er ), Erbium / Ytterbium ( EY ), and Thulium ( Tm ) and come in different configurations to meet specific applications and customer requirements. Other dopants such as Neodymium ( Nd ) are also available. 

Yb Fibers 

Ytterbium doped fibers are used for operation around 1 micron.  CorActive offers a full range of Yb doped fibers for many industrial, scientific and medical applications.

EY Fibers 

Ytterbium sensitized Erbium co-doped fibers are used for operation around 1.5 microns for application such as eye-safe fiber lasers or high-power EDFA amplifiers.

Er Fibers 

Erbium doped fibers are used for operation around 1.5 microns.  Erbium fibers are mainly used to build telecom EDFA amplifiers.  Erbium doped fibers may also be used for “eye-safe” fiber laser applications.

Tm Fibers 

Thulium doped fibers are used for operation around 2 microns.  Thulium fibers are used for “eye-safe” fiber laser applications.

PM Fibers 

CorActive offers a wide range of polarization-maintaining (PM) fibers for such applications as ultrashort pulse lasers, frequency conversion, LIDAR, or scientific&research. CorActive PM fibers features high pump absorption, high efficiency, and excellent polarization extinction ratio.

Other Fibers 

CorActive also offers other dopants such as Neodymium, Thulium / Holmium, or Samarium.

Phosphosilicate Fibers 

Coractive has developped and manufactured phosphosilicate optical fibers which nullify this photodarkening phenomenon providing long-term stability of the output power.

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Data on our Yb and Er fiber are also available in RP Photonics Modeling and Design Software

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