Corning® Erbium-Doped specialty fibers set the worldwide standard for uniformity and reliability

Smart Design Smooths Manufacturing, Lowers Costs

Manufactured with Corning’s patented outside vapor deposition (OVD) process, Corning® Erbium-Doped specialty fibers set the worldwide standard for uniformity and reliability. Corning offers erbium-doped fibers with hermetic coatings for significant advantage with respect to mechanical reliability and resistance to hydrogen-induced optical attenuation degradation.

These erbium-doped fibers have a proven track record in state-of-the-art optical amplifiers and exhibit consistently low splice loss when coupled with fibers such as Corning® HI 1060 FLEX, Corning® HI 980, and Corning SMF-28e+® optical fiber.

Erbium-doped fiber designs are available for conventional C-band, L-band, and reduced-clad (80 μm) applications.

In typical high-performance amplifiers built with our Erbium-doped fiber, gain consistency is maximized due to spectral uniformity of the fiber, eliminating the need for frequent adjustments to gain flattening filter design. Variations in gain spectrum and pump power requirements are greatly reduced, which makes for a more predictable amplifier manufacturing process and translates directly to lower costs for customers.


  • ER 1550C3
  • ER 1550C3 LC
  • ER 1600L3
  • RC ER 1550C3


  • Single and multi-channel optical amplifiers
  • Digital and analog systems
  • Community antenna television (CATV) amplifiers

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