We only offer one specialty fiber – the one you need.

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Thousands of clients have chosen CeramOptec® in cooperation with Ceram Optec SIA as their partner to develop mission-critical specialty fiber solutions. From medical applications for the treatment of the human heart, to cutting-edge applications that can withstand the rigors of exploring outer space, to complex industrial applications, and everything in-between.

OPTICAL FIBER Optical Fiber is made up of two materials; a high-refractive-index core, and a low-refractive-index cladding. Light that is injected into one end of an optical fiber can travel through it with little attenuation (signal loss). However, the amount of signal loss depends on the color of the light, the design of the optical fiber, the materials used, and the manufacturing configuration and process controls.

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CeramOptec® in cooperation with Ceram Optec SIA maintains complete control of the manufacturing process and product testing; we’re able to guarantee our materials, and the quality of our coatings. We specialize in custom optical fiber products for every application, with a wide range of specs from high NA to low NA, a large selection of core diameters, and a variety of wavelength options, from deep UV to MIR.

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