CorActive delivers a complete line of passive single clad and double clad optical fibers, including matched fibers, beam delivery fibers, attenuating, photosensitive, and nonlinear fibers.  Passive fibers are used for fiber laser and amplifier components and beam delivery applications or for devices used in telecommunications networks.


CorActive offers passive fibers that are matched to CorActive active fibers and other industry standards.  Matched fibers are used for such application as laser and amplifier component manufacturing.

Beam Delivery

Passive multimode fibers with high-power handling capabilities are available for fiber laser or pump diode beam delivery requirements.

PM Fibers

CorActive offers passive PM fibers that are matched to CorActive active fibers and other industry standards.  CorActive also offers PM fibers for nonlinear effect generation or for dispersion management in ultrafast laser design.


CorActive delivers a full range of high attenuation optical fibers to address the optical attenuation requirements for DWDM, CATV and other telecom applications. CorActive’s attenuating fiber products have been specifically designed to provide flat attenuation over the widest possible wavelength range. Wideband uniform attenuation ensures complete compatibility with current and future DWDM, CATV and other telecom systems.


CorActive photosensitive optical fibers are specifically designed to meet the photosensitivity requirements for the manufacturing of Bragg gratings and dispersion compensators.


CorActive offers a range of nonlinear optical fibers for different applications such as Raman amplifiers, wavelength conversion, optical regeneration, supercontinuum generation, etc.